Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why does 4:30 AM even exist arghelbienabnele i can't even words

Home again, home again, jiggety jig.
I'm sitting in Seattle airport, having flown here early in the morning from Walla Walla, having driven to Walla Walla at <5.AM.
Why? Because flight-times out of Walla Walla suck T_T
Typing this in a Notepad document because the internet's being picky and such XP May or may not get this posted in Seattle, or even before I get home.

I know I didn't blog enough recently, but, y'know...nyeh.

After I left Cerny and Jay's place, I flew aaaalllll the way back to Washington to stay in Oregon with Layli and the family again.
Flights were all fine, except for one big cafuffle.


I had to take a convoluted series of flights from South Carolina into Washington, which included going into Phoenix, Arizona, for a short time.
I had to check in seperately in Phoenix. I'd been told in SC that I'd have to check in with American Airlines, and that my luggage would go all the way to Pasco in Washington.

This is the dude from SC right now.

I went to American Airlines, and they told me I had to check in with Alaska Airlines.
Because of this messup, I asked about my luggage. They called up and checked, and it turned out they'd taken it off in Phoenix and it was waiting for me to pick it up. I couldn't get back to the luggage, but they said since I paid for it, they had to put it on my flight anyway.
Unfortunately, they couldn't get it to my flight in time, so they put it on another flight that was meant to get to Pasco just a little bit before I would anyway.

So, everything was fine. I got on my flight, checked into my next one, flew into Pasco feeling pretty okay.

Went for my luggage.
My luggage was not there.
It was not in the back.
It had disappeared, in thin air.

So I was like DAAAAAAAMNIIIIIIIT cause I had a bunch of awesome stuff in there and presents from and for people.

They managed to find it and get it flown in and delivered to me the next day though so everything was hunky-dory =D

So, I spent another day-and-a-bit with Layli and family, as discussed before.
They continued to be amazing.

 Pictured: Amazing.
Dan rocks the 'locks.

On a related note, it was Layli's birthday! Not really, but we celebrated early. There was pizza!


And cake, and icecream!

At least three of these were re-igniting candles. I was pleased.

And presents!

Gee, books! What a surprise!

And nerf-weapon gladiatorial combat! Layli's little brother is scary and vicious.

Srsly, a lightsaber, and an axe. Think he's got the advantage.

So, I fly from Seattle to Los Angeles, and from LA to Sydney, and from Sydney to Brisbane. One of my best friends is meeting me in Brisbane and staying the week, cause she missed me.
Everybody now; one, two, three, Awwwwww.

I've had a great time in America. Everybody I've stayed with has been lovely, I've laughed a lot, I've run around stressing a few times (seriously, losing your luggage is scary as crap), and anybody I've visited is more than welcome to stay with me if they ever come to Australia.
I'm sorry to everybody I didn't get to see. It definitely wasn't anything personal, it just didn't work out somewhere in the timing or other aspects of the situation.
I should be coming back in a few years. Maybe I'll get to see you all then.


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